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Today is Sunday, July 27nd, 2012.

Or is more just an unexplained letdown. If Eggman is constructing a Solaris Protoype machine to carry out his plans from within his own base in the himalayas  then what purpose does he have carrying dead-wighted Princess Elise with him?

I mean, sure, he got his Chaos Emerald from Sonic, but he still held her captive after this incident and never let go of her throughout the rest of the game. WTF? WAS he insisting on rambling about Solaris again to her? This makes no sense. If anything, Sonic's story from this point on should have been led to have Eggman's machine temporarily erase Princess Elise from history and his machine after the trap has been sprung then have the machine transport Sonic, Knuckles and Tails into the past accidentally, allowing them to slowly restore Princess Elise somehow back into the present time period, again.

We all remember that Omega was found in the future left in scraps and ashes. Omega is not hinted in carrying the ability to use Chaos Control. Yes, as the cutscene shows: Rouge has a Chaos Emerald.

Shadow discovers that Omega is in standby mode.
Rouge asks, "What could  have possibly happened to create this future?"

Apparently when Shadow and Rouge arrived, Rouge receives a communication response from G.U.N.
Apparently, their communicators can reach the other ends of each other among different timelines. How strange. And they still couldn't figure out what year it was after checking the computer for a year check. How bizarre.

Rouge is shown giving Omega a Chaos Emerald. Simple cutscene.

Coincidence? The future Omega was altered to accept Rouge's Chaos Emerald and was then reactivated in the future as he is shown coming to the rescue, even though Shadow can ultimately take care of himself.

Let's not forget in Sonic Generations, Shadow is shown at the end of the game shouting out to Sonic, "you've got this Sonic!" Just shows that Sega didn't really want to get Shadow involved since into the game does focus more on Sonic, not Shadow or  Silver when we are already aware that they both can turn Super, too. However, there's no excuse here. If the player wants to see Shadow beg for mercy, then why put him up as a playable character in the first place instead of a side playable character in own game!?

Now, about that Future Omega...

Omega is seen jumping with Shadow to the present timeline after last seen going through another portal. This of course, is a time traveling predicament that Omega has not used Chaos Control to get to Shadow from the past into the future, guaranteeding a major plot-hole that Omega has conspicuously jumped into the present time. This abides by the well known fact that there are now two Omegas and two Chaos Emeralds in the present time period. However, this is not the same colored Chaos Emerald that Mephiles has on him. So yes, two Omegas. This is a paradox.
Mephiles as seen from the assumed past (also the present-time structure based around the game); seen confronting Shadow.
Mephiles seen in the future ruined world with a corrupted-looking Chaos Emerald in front of the computer screen.
"Corrupted" is just a given name for it since there's no other explanation if whither or not he's consuming an emerald from a stolen timeline, or not, with altered colorings.

There is a Past Mephiles

  • In Aquatic Base where Shadow is influenced to seal Mephiles back into the Scepter of Darkness, Shadow used Chaos Control, then he sealed him away. However, as you manage to defeat Mephiles Phase 2; in the end, the Scepter no longer works on him. 
    Well, here's why: Shadow used Chaos Control to halt him then continued to conceal him. Well, duh. Having sealed him now wouldn't have worked, unless you can support 'Chaos Control' again which Shadow does not perform, therefore leading to him in breaking out again from the Sceptor.

The Present Mephiles

  • Knew only Shadow.
  • Never seen to sought-out hatred for Sonic.
  • Only fought Shadow.
  • Never explained to Shadow (plot-hole) that he was wanting to fuse with Iblis to become Solaris. Shadow only took a guess in the Desert Ruins after learning about Mephiles in the past (at the end of Shadow's Story) where the boss battle; Mephiles Phase 2 begins. Mephiles should've explained his actions more deeply. He never did.
  • Sure, he made clones of himself to trick Shadow into believing his.

Future Mephiles

  • Knew only Silver & Blaze
  • Blamed the world that the "Iblis Trigger" was what ruined the world as he shows Silver that his target is of course, Sonic The Hedgehog, who is in fact the Iblis Trigger.
  • Also seen directing Silver & Blaze to the Terminal Station in helping their search for Sonic
  • (Obviously can't be the same Mephiles chasing Shadow if the game matching all three of the character's stories were already being progressed and shown in the middle of the game).

Last Story Mephiles

Seen holding the corrupted Chaos Emerald. Cutscene is entitled as, "Mephiles' Smile,' as it is obvious that Mephiles has no mouth.

Blog Post Written & Constructed by: TheGothicEmperor7

The Mephiles Domain